This past summer, ArtStreet Café saw the biggest renovation since it’s opening in 2004. The fresh paint on the walls now gives the Café a welcoming and warm atmosphere. Brand new wooden chairs, matching wooden countertops, and coffee area show a modern look needed to build the aesthetics of the Café. Student artists now get to show their talent under the bright lights, elevated stage, and new audio system enhancing their performance to attract large audiences every week at Thursday Night Live.

Supporting the University’s Late Night Programming efforts, ArtStreet Café stays open until 2 a.m. every Saturday night. Known as “Café After Dark”, students can come to participate in karaoke, games, movie nights and various events sponsored by campus organizations.

In honor of the 10-year mark and renovation, the Café now displays a new logo in all of the marketing and branding efforts to attract students to come eat the delicious paninis, wraps, salads, breakfast sandwiches and more. Serving as not only a place to eat, students love to study, spend time with friends, and meet with organizations. ArtStreet Café stands strong as a premiere destination on campus enriching the Dayton community.

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