10 Reasons Why I am Thankful for Flyer Enterprises

A Sentimental Thanksgiving Season Post

By: Katie Deneen


Giving me The opportunity to put my ideas for a new venture into a reality!


Being able to connect and learn from with an amazing network of smart and successful Flyer Enterprises Alumni


Getting 50% off a Pumpkin Spice milkshake at The Galley during happy hour


Meeting an abundance of friends (185 to be exact) while on the job


Stu’s – because I never had to step outside in 10 degree weather to grab food in Stuart Hall (or even change out of my pajamas!)


The indescribably dedicated and hardworking executive team. they keep the 4th largest student-run business in the nation excelling everyday. We love you exec!



FE Moving and Storage – so I don’t have to ship my winter parka home for summer break!


The hands on learning experience that I have gained that has not only helped me land amazing internship opportunities but has helped prepare me for my professional career ahead


Everything about The Blend. Just the word, smell, and taste of its brews makes me happy.


For the Overall most transformative experience in my college career so far! Forever Thankful for Flyer Enterprises.

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