More than 185 students employed. Nine different divisions. Annual revenues of over $1.2 million. The fourth largest student-run corporation in the nation. It’s no wonder why Flyer Enterprises is one of the fastest growing student-run businesses in the country today!

What started in 1990 as one student-run business at the University of Dayton has grown into nine separate divisions, all experiencing stellar and steady growth. At FE, we are completely comprised of undergraduate and graduate students, from the sales associates to the chief executive officer. We take pride in giving our employees unmatched experiential learning opportunities.

With our business comparable to programs at Harvard, Stanford, Georgetown, Princeton and Cornell, we strive to give our student employees unparalleled, hands-on learning opportunities and to give ethically-focused service to the University of Dayton community.


Flyer Enterprises lives by four beliefs: Ethics, Accountability, Passion and Purpose. We believe that every employee, whether a sales associate scooping ice cream or a manager of a division, should work with these beliefs as their foundation at Flyer Enterprises. We believe the employee should work ethically by making an obligation to help benefit the Dayton community and the organization as a whole. We believe the employee should work accountably by being a team player as well as a leader for the fellow employees. And we believe the employee should work with passion toward whatever s/he believes is his or her purpose. This is what we believe makes a member of FE.


The vision of FE is to become the national leader for experiential business education. We strive to give each of our employees unparalleled, hands-on learning opportunities so we can take our experiences and learned skills with us after graduation and into global society. It is with high hopes that FE will continue to give such experiences to our employees in order to create an environment outside the classroom where learning can take place.

Mission Statement

The mission of FE is to create a competitive advantage for our employees by providing experiential education through the operation of profitable, ethically-focused businesses that serve the needs of our stakeholders.