Employee Spotlight: Anna Karnstein

What can you find The CHiLL’s sales associate Anna Karnstein doing when she is not working? Probably creating music.
Anna is currently a sophomore studying International Business Management. She said that she heard about Flyer Enterprises the very first time she was on campus. She described her experience, “The Admissions officer spoke highly of the organization and I was immediately intrigued! During my freshman year, I was always at the Rec and tended to grab a smoothie at The Chill after I worked out. Thus, when applying, I immediately thought it would be a fun place to work!” She has been working there ever since but has also had extreme success in following her passion for writing music.


The cover of Anna’s new album.

I asked Anna when she started to sing and how she developed this talent. She declared, “I have been surrounded by music my whole life. There is always music playing throughout my house. My family and I even forget to shut it off sometimes when we are heading out the door!” The multi-talented star mentioned that she played in concert band throughout her elementary and middle school years and did not actually start singing until her Freshman year of high school. Reminiscing she claimed, “I’ll never forget the first time I performed at the end of my Sophomore year. It was for my high school’s variety show and everyone was so surprised I even knew what a guitar was!” I have had the pleasure of hearing Anna perform live twice and I would never have guessed that she has NOT been singing/playing guitar her whole life.

Anna writes all of her own music and lyrics with sounds and styles from musical genres like Country, Rock and Singer/Songwriter. She also like rearranging popular music into melodies that are more her style. Reflecting on when she wrote her first song, she stated that it was “weirdly written in math class” during high school. Her biggest inspiration for writing her music comes from her desire to reach out to people through it. “I want people to know they are not alone in this mad, crazy world.” Touche.
There have been particular people along this musical journey that have significantly helped Anna succeed. She mentioned that she has a really great mentor and amazing friends who collaborate with her and give her feedback on her music, such as on what instruments to use when, where and how. Of course, she would not be where she is today without her loving and supportive parents. “They are my best friends and biggest fans. Also, my mentor, who is a close family friend, has believed in me every step of the way; he is also brutally honest which is something I really admire about him.” Because of the great connections of her mentor, she has had many opportunities to make friends and connections in the broad music industry.

Anna has had many opportunities to perform at UD. Recalling these events, she exclaimed, “It’s been a blast and I’m so happy to be a part of it all.” But Anna’s got larger plans for herself.

The dream:  to be a well-known, popular artist. But at the end of the day, she simply wants to share her music (: And boy, are we lucky?!


You can find Anna’s music on iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay, etc. She has also been distributing physical CD copies so if you like her music and you are a UD student, feel free to reach out to her.

Written by Noelle Rogers, feIT Group

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