Executive Team

  Executive Team

Chief Executive Officer: Erica Roux
2017 | Finance & Operations
St. Louis, MO


Erica began her involvement in Flyer Enterprises in January oroux_08f 2014 as a sales associate at The Blend. After assuming her position as sales associate, she made a quick transition to The Jury Box as General Manager in April. As General Manager, she focused her efforts around better developing the operational efficiency, cleanliness, and customer satisfaction of The Jury Box. For the 2015-2016 year Erica served as President of Dining Services Joint Ventures for Stuart’s Landing, The CHILL, and The Galley.  While overseeing strategic marketing plans and operational initiatives, Erica worked with her team of 9 managers and over 60 employees to analyze, implement, and manage major projects including a product revamp at The CHILL. In December of 2015, Erica was selected by the Board of Directors to lead the company as Chief Executive Officer.


Chief Financial Officer: Jonathan Mazur
2018 | Finance
Grosse Pointe Shores, MI


Jonathan started working at Flyer Entermazur_03prises in September of his freshman year as a sales associate at The Blend.  During his time as a sales associate, Jonathan quickly became involved and joined a new product team where he helped pick new smoothies for The Blend.  In January of 2015, Jonathan was promoted to Financial Manager at The Blend.  During his time as the Financial Manager, Jonathan strived hard to financially grow The Blend while also providing financial transparency to his management team and sales associates.  He successfully led a product analysis team that analyzed smoothie sales in order to implement new smoothie flavors.  In his upcoming role as the Chief Financial Officer, he will lead 5 financial managers to help them financial grow their divisions.  Jonathan will work hard this year to help Flyer Enterprises solidify its financial performance and presence by providing financial oversight, incorporating value added analysis and maintaining active financial involvement, which will ultimately lead to financial success, stability and experiential business education.


Chief Information Officer: Kyle Massie
2017 | Management Information Systems & Finance
Taylor Mill, KY


massie_04 (1)Kyle joined Flyer Enterprises in September 2013 as a Sales Associate at Stuart’s Landing. At Stu’s, he became more involved in the store by taking on the roles of GFS/I-Supply Buyer and Assistant General Manager. From April 1st, 2015 to April 1st, 2016, Kyle served as the General Manager of Stuart’s Landing. He worked to improve the day-to-day operations and efficiency of the store. During his tenure, Stu’s eclipsed $400,000 in revenue for the school year. In his new role as the Chief Information Officer, Kyle will look to implement data analytics, improve the technical operations, and enhance the digital marketing of Flyer Enterprises as a whole.


Chief Human Resources Officer: Katie Gaugler
2017 | Accounting | HR Management Concentration
Cleveland, OH


guagler_02 (1)Katie started her Flyer Enterprises experience at Stuart’s Landing.  She was hired her freshman year in February of 2014 and worked there as a sales associate until assuming her current position.  As a sophomore, Katie took on the role of Community Outreach Coordinator at Stu’s, where she planned service events for the employees in order to give back to the greater Dayton community.  Her junior year, she became the Financial Assistant, where she served the managers to strive for maximum operational efficiency and profitability, such as by decreasing labor costs.  She is extremely excited to serve FE as the Chief Human Resources Officer for the 2016-2017 academic year, where she will continually work towards the personal and professional development of its people.


Chief Operating Officer: Matthew Higgins
2017 | International Business & Marketing
Louisville, KY


higgins_06Matt is a Marketing and International Business major from Louisville, KY who joined Flyer Enterprises in September of his Freshman year at Stuart’s Landing. While at Stuart’s Landing, Matt quickly became involved in different aspects of the store leading him to be hired as the General Manager of Stuart’s Landing in April of 2014. In his year as General Manager, Stuart’s Landing saw record revenue numbers and many operational improvements by focusing heavily on product analysis. In the Spring of 2015, Matt was selected to be the inaugural President of Services. In this position he and his team focused heavily on FE Catering and Storage, giving both divisions a much needed successful fiscal year. He is extremely excited to be the first Chief Operating Officer of FE and is looking forward to all the improvements and progress the new position can bring to Flyer Enterprises.


Chief Marketing Officer: Gabby Castaldo
2017 | Entrepreneurship and Marketing | 
New Product Innovation Emphasis
Dayton, OH

Gabrielle started as a sales associate at Flycastaldo_06er Spirit in the spring of her freshmen year, and soon became a manager as the Director of Marketing of The Blend and The Blend Express for the 2014-2015 academic year. The following year, she was promoted the executive level where she served as the Divisional President of the Coffee Divisions, leading a team of 6 managers overseeing all operational, marketing, human resources and financing strategy of The Blend and The Blend Express. For the 2016-2017 academic year, Gabrielle will be serving as the inaugural Chief Marketing Officer of Flyer Enterprises. She will oversee all marketing strategy and be the corporate lead for the 7 divisional Directors of Marketing, and the corporate marketing support. Gabrielle looks forward to creating a lasting marketing strategy, truly bringing the company together as on Flyer Enterprises brand, as well as creating lasting collaborative relationships with the University, other student organization, and outside businesses.


President of Dining Services Joint Ventures: Emma Doroff
2017 | International Business & French | HR Concentration
Batavia, IL


Emma’s Flyer Enterprises career began her sdorroff_06 (1)ophomore year, when she was hired in the Fall of 2014 as a barista at The Blend.  After a couple months, she took on the role of buyer for the division, and made efforts to implement better inventory management and consistency of products.  Emma was then able to continue these efforts when she took over as General Manager of the Blend for the 2015-2016 year.  In addition, she implemented an improved barista training process and enhanced divisional health code standards, which resulted in the highest inspection score seen at the division in the last decade.  In her role as President of Dining Services Joint Ventures, Emma oversees 9 managers and over 70 sales associates across Stuart’s Landing, The Galley, and The CHILL.


President of Culinary Divisions: Nick Schlueter
2018 | Accounting
Cincinnati, OH

schluter_03Nick started working as a Sales Associate at ArtStreet Cafe in September of his sophomore year. He quickly established himself as a model employee, respected by his peers. In December, he took a chance and applied for the executive team, and in January he was chosen to be President of Culinary, overseeing ArtStreet Cafe and The Jury Box. Nick will bring energy and a fresh perspective to his position, and he’s excited to where his divisions can go in the coming year.


President of Coffee Divisions: Madison Groeninger
2017 | Psychology
Grayslake, IL


groeninger_07Madison began her Flyer Enterprises journey as a sales associate at The Blend in the spring of her freshman year. As a sophomore, she took on the role of Assistant Director of Human Resources, learning more about the roles and responsibilities that position holds and gaining the opportunity to help the management team interview and hire multiple employees. Madison was then promoted to Director of Human Resources of the Coffee Divisions, serving from April 2015-April 2016. She worked to boost employee moral and overall happiness while ensuring an experiential learning opportunity for all sales associates. In Spring of 2016, Madison was selected to serve as President of Coffee, overseeing a team of 6 managers across The Blend and The Blend Express. She looks forward to continuing the growth and advancement of these divisions by guiding a strong team of managers to success.


President of Services: Michael Sherwood
2017 | Finance & Entrepeneurship
Crystal Lake, IL                                                                                                                                                             servicespresident@flyerenterprises.com

sherwood_07-2Mike became a part of Flyer Enterprises during his freshman year when he was hired as a sales associate at The CHILL in January of 2014. Right away he became involved as the Assistant General Manager and became The CHILL’s first Financial Assistant. In Spring of 2015 he accepted the role as the Director of Operations for Flyer Enterprises Catering. With FE Catering being apart of the new Services Division, Mike used his past FE experiences to play a key part in the solidifying the division’s foundational success. For the 2016-2017 academic year, Mike will serve as the President of Services. In his new role, Mike will oversee 5 managers across FE Catering, FE Storage and Moving, and the first inaugural Student-Run Business Workshop.  Mike is excited to take his experiences one step further this year and lead his team to continue growing services.