Executive Team

 Executive Team

Chief Executive Officer: Stephanie Bennett
2018 | Marketing & Entrepreneuership
Cincinnati, OH


Stephanie began her journey with Flyer Enterprises in March of 2015 as a sales associate at The Galley. After becoming a sales associate, she quickly took on the roles of Ice Cream Buyer, General Manager Assistant, and became a member of the Marketing Team. As the Ice Cream Buyer, she created a tracking system to effectively purchase the ice cream. As the General Manager Assistant, she helped the General Manager accomplish daily tasks and worked on a sanitation initiative. Starting in 2016, she developed the corporate support position of Quality Control Director. She worked with the Chief Operating Officer and the General Managers to ensure each division was passing their health inspections and making quality products. Additionally, she looked into ways to improve Flyer Enterprises’ overall operations. In December of 2016, Stephanie was selected by the Board of Directors to lead the company as Chief Executive Officer.

Chief Financial Officer: Nick Schlueter
2018 | Accounting
Cincinnati, OH


Nick started working as a Sales Associate at ArtStreet Cafe in September of his sophomore year. He quickly established himself as a model employee, respected by his peers. In December, he took a chance and applied for the executive team, and served as President of Culinary, overseeing ArtStreet Cafe and The Jury Box for his Junior year. He helped to lead The Jury Box to its first profitable year in existence. This year, Nick will be serving as Chief Financial Officer. He hopes to bring a statistical approach to the position and make investments that will benefit Flyer Enterprises over the long run.

Chief Information Officer: Abigail Schatzman
2019 | Management Information Systems & Accounting
Cincinnati, OH


Abigail started as a Technical Operations Specialist within Flyer Enterprises’ Information Technology Group, where she assisted all independent divisions with their point-of-sale system. She created more projects for herself and the team as Vice President of Technical Operations, including an idea for a mobile application, which is now being developed. Abigail worked with the Chief Financial Officer to develop an Excel course curriculum for employees in the company so they could apply new skills to improve the operations of each division. In December of her sophomore year, she applied for the executive team of Flyer Enterprises, and she became the Chief Information Officer. She will lead a team of 6 employees and oversee 4 disciplines of the IT group. This year, she will be focusing on continuing to oversee the development team of FE’s first ever mobile application and increasing data analytics programs in all divisions and in the entire company.

Chief Human Resources Officer: Danny Bott
2019 | Operations Management & Marketing
Wadsworth, OH


Danny was hired halfway through his freshman year at ArtStreet Cafe. It didn’t take long for him to fall in love with everything about both the cafe and Flyer Enterprises as a whole. He quickly became involved as a Buyer, where he ordered all smoothie supplies, and as an Assistant Director of Marketing, where he helped run product promotions and improve customer relations. In the Fall of 2016, Danny decided he would apply for the following year’s Executive Team, and was offered the CHRO position. He gladly accepted, with a wide variety of goals including: increasing the influence of FE on campus, boosting the company’s culture, energizing the Human Resources department, and most importantly, encouraging the success of all employees both personally and professionally.

Chief Operating Officer: Benjamin Pfeifer
2018 | Entrepreneurship & International Business
Toledo, OH


Beginning as a Sales Associate at Stuart’s Landing in September of his sophomore year, Ben took on several positions right away. As Community Outreach Coordinator for Stu’s, Ben planned a service event every month to get our Sales Associates involved in the Dayton community and do good for those who need it. Ben also set up and monitored fundraising drives for various local and nationwide charities. As a buyer, Ben bought inventory from several suppliers for the store, monitoring sales and inventory closely to ensure a great customer and Sales Associate experience. His goals as Chief Operating Officer include creating a better inventory management system, ensuring every division is well above health code, and strengthening supplier relationships.

Chief Marketing Officer: Amy Nolan
2018 | Entrepreneurship and Marketing 

Baltimore, MD

Amy is a Marketing and Entrepreneurship Major from Baltimore, MD who was hired as a sales associate with Flyer Enterprises in March of her Freshman year at The Galley. Shortly after being hired, Amy took on the Marketing Assistant role in hopes of revamping their social media. In April of 2016, Amy was promoted to the Director of Marketing at The Galley. Amy worked with her management team to devise a marketing plan, implement new products, and analyze campaigns. In her role as Chief Marketing Officer, Amy oversees 8 marketing directors and 9 graphic designers. Amy is excited to work with the team and develop partnerships in and outside the university.

President of Dining Services Joint Ventures: Anna Pierce
2019 | Finance & Marketing
Cincinnati, OH


Anna started working as a Sales Associate at ArtStreet Cafe in September of her freshman year. She transitioned into the Director of Human Resources at the Chill for the 2016-2017 year. Along with the other managers, she hired 10 new sales associates and worked on improving the culture and professional development at the division. She will be the President of Dining Services Joint Ventures for the upcoming school year and is very excited to oversee 9 managers and over 70 sales associates across Stuart’s Landing, The Galley, and The CHILL.

President of Culinary Divisions: Jon Allen
2019 | Marketing & Entrepreneurship
Cincinnati, OH


Jon was hired into FE as a Sales Associate at The Blend his Freshman year in August 2015. He quickly became a Shift Leader there, and had the opportunity to serve as General Manager of The Blend Express throughout his Sophomore year. In this time, Jon oversaw daily operations of his division and ensured quality and consistency in the products they sold. Excited and enthusiastic about the amazing people he has gotten to work with, Jon will spend the next year in the position of President of Culinary, overseeing ArtStreet Cafe and The Jury Box. Jon’s main goal this year is to leave both divisions better than they were both financially and culturally, and ensuring all his coworkers’ personal and professional goals are achieved.

President of Coffee Divisions: Jonathan Mazur 
2018 | Finance & Accounting
Grosse Pointe Shores, MI


Jonathan started working at Flyer Enterprises in September of his freshman year as a sales associate at The Blend.  During his time as a sales associate Jonathan quickly became involved and joined a new product team where he helped pick new smoothies for The Blend.  In January of 2015, Jonathan was promoted to Financial Manager at The Blend.  During his time as the Financial Manager Jonathan strived hard to financially grow The Blend while also providing financial transparency to his management team and sales associates. He successfully led a product analysis team that analyzed smoothie sales in order to implement new smoothie flavors. After Financial Manager he became the Chief Financial Officer where he provided financial oversight and led a team of 5 financial managers to help them grow financially. He will now be the President of Coffee where he is excited to further grow The Blend and The Blend Express, and work on developing his management team and sales associates.

President of Services: Ryan Barnes
2019 | Finance & Entrepeneurship
Cincinnati, OH                                                                                                                                                         servicespresident@flyerenterprises.com

Ryan was hired into FE as a Sales Associate at ArtStreet Cafe in August of his freshman year. He became quickly involved as a shift leader at the cafe, finding a passion for the cafe and FE from the beginning. At the end of his freshman year, Ryan became the Director of Operations for FE Storage, helping to make the division well-known and more profitable. In his upcoming role as President of Services, Ryan will spend the next year opening Flyer Enterprises’ newest division, Heritage Coffeehouse, creating an environment that will help FE both financially and culturally. He will also be leading the storage division and looking into new possible ventures for FE as a company.