Get to Know the New CEO: Erica Roux


Get to Know the New CEO: Erica Roux!

1. Could you give us a short background of yourself?15Roux

I am from Saint Louis. I have 2 sisters and I consider myself very family oriented. In high school I played soccer and field hockey .I love to run for fun and be active! I am a double major- Finance and Operations and Supply Management.

2. What was your role in Flyer Enterprises before you were hired as CEO? What did you accomplish?

January of my freshmen year I was hired as a sales associate at The Blend. Later, I applied for a management position. I was promoted to a manager at The Jury Box! Then junior year when I applied for the executive team I landed the position of President of Dining Services Joint Venture. As President of Dining Services Joint Venture, I worked with the managers at The Chill to create a healthier menu. All in all, at each position that I have had at Flyer Enterprises I work to provide a better experience for everyone around me. I am not afraid of change.

3. How do you see the company changing, and how do you see yourself creating that change?

Overall, I want there to be more excitement and involvement from all Flyer Enterprises employees- executives to sales associates. I want everyone to strive for more everyday. I would also like executive team to play more of a resource and leader role to make sure that our vision is executed.

4. Is there anybody in your life that you look up to for inspiration?

One person that I look to for inspiration is one of my old managers at the Jury Box who graduated two years ago. She was involved in everything and gave her all in each involvement. There was a passion in her that brought a special light that everybody wanted to be around. 

5. If you could be any animal what you be?

A bald eagle! They can be fearless, but they also have the capability of seeing so much and obtaining so many different viewpoints!

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