Introducing the new Flyer Enterprises App!

Introducing the New Flyer Enterprises App!

In Spring 2016, FE IT employees Abby Schatzman (current CIO) and myself – Katie Deneen (VP Digital Marketing) pitched the idea to develop the corporation’s first mobile application at the Flyer Enterprises’ Business Plan Competition. The idea won and received a lot of interest. To make the dream a reality, the IT team spent the next year developing the app.

Today, we are pleased to announce that the mobile app is now available to download on iOS in the AppStore allowing customers to browse menus, take advantage of  promotions, earn rewards, and more!

Personally, using the  new capabilities of the Flyer Enterprises app  I’ve managed to save myself money, time, and even scored a taste of some delicious new products! I use the app everyday to stay up to date on my favorite divisions, keep track of my reward punches, respond to real-time notifications, and much more!  Now with the app available you can do the same.

Here are some examples of how you can use the app daily:

Access and Track your Reward Cards

With the Flyer Enterprises App, you can digitally punch a reward card for all divisions all in one place. Say goodbye to those paper cards that always seem to disappear! To view rewards cards, go to an individual division and select Rewards. Select a rewards card and start gaining points. Its that easy!

Stay Up to Date  on Divisions with Promotion Notifications

You can now gain easy access to FE discounts and annoucements by enabling push notifications.  Be the first to be notified of:

  • Discounts on special items for each division
  • Monthly featured items. Example: In August the Blend has the Sugar and Spice Latte
  • Chances to enter raffles for cool prizes or even free trips…Did someone say a free trip to Daytona??
  • Changes in store operating hours

View Division Menus, Anywhere Anytime

Within each division page, you can see menus before you even arrive! You can even view ingredients, prices, and descriptions of each product.

Learn more and Connect With Us

Once you have downloaded the app in the AppStore you can start using some of the amazing features! View our app tutorial, privacy policy, and change your user settings. Submit new ideas, questions, and feeback under the Settings – Support Page and reach out to us on Twitter.

The App Developers: (left to right)  Ajay Patniak, Ryan Farrar,  Luke Sabbath, Matt Hldebrandt

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