Management Team


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Art Street Cafe

General Manager: Michael Haney,
Financial Manager: Hannah Heffernan,
Director of Human Resources: Abby Owens,
Director of Marketing: Anna Edwards,
Entertainment Coordinator: Lizzie Torrance,


General Manager: Ryan Egelston,
Financial Manager: Kyle Ransom,
Director of Human Resources: Emily Teutsch,
Director of Marketing: Meg O’Kane,

Coffee Divisions

General Manager The Blend: Mark Mossing,
General Manager The Blend Express: Grant Schlatz,
Financial Manager The Blend: Ben Kloss,
Financial Manager The Blend Express: Thomas Gray ,
Director of Human Resources: Alex
Director of Marketing: Emma

The Chill

General Manager: Chloe Voelker,
Director of Marketing: Carly Akerly,

Director of Human Resources: Connor Savage,


General Manager: Liam Budnik,
Director of Marketing: Alex Bennett,
Director of Human Resources: Mel Duffy,


General Manager: Cody
Director of Marketing: Emma Vickers,
Director of Human Resources: Nate

Service Divisions

Financial Manager & Financial Manager Heritage Center: Jack
Director of Marketing &Human Resources  Heritage Center: Jordan Lee,
Director of Operations Storage: Michael Johnson,
Event Coordinator: Anna