Position Description

General Manager

The General Manager runs the day-to-day operations of the division. They are responsible for maintaining high standards of cleanliness as well as selecting a great product line. Also, the General Manager leads a team of buyers who are responsible for purchasing all non-Pepsi products, and at certain divisions, they perform the buying themselves. Overall, the General Manager works to maintain the daily operations of his or her division while thinking about long term improvements.


Director of Marketing

The Director of Marketing manager leads all strategic marketing functions at the divisional level. They lead and strategize all brand, campaign and promotional management. They lead a team of marketing assistants and social media coordinators at each division to accomplish their extensive marketing plan that they create at the beginning of their term. Some examples of projects they create and lead are new product implementation campaigns, advertisement campaigns, and loyalty programs.


Director of Human Resources

The Director of Human Resources is responsible for personal and professional development of all employees at his or her division. They interview, hire, onboard, train, and keep everyone accountable for Flyer Enterprises’ policies and procedures. The Director of Human Resources strengthens the culture by overseeing community service and social events for the division, and overall, they work to ensure that the sales associates at the divisions have a high level of employee satisfaction and are ready for work after graduation.


Director of Operations

The position of Director of Operations is only at the service divisions, FE Catering and FE Storage. Their role is a combination of General Manager and Director of Human Resources. They lead the sales associates on all operational matters, while fostering a positive working environment.


Events Coordinator

The Event Coordinator works to plan large community service events, banquets, dinners, and conferences. He or she reports to the President of Services but oftentimes works with many different members of the executive team to plan these events. In recent years, Flyer Enterprises has conducted more company wide events. In 2016, the executive team felt that a new management position was needed to coordinate such events.


Entertainment Coordinator

The Entertainment Coordinator is a position exclusively at ArtStreet Cafe. The complex contains a concert bowl, and the cafe is a great location for events. The Entertainment Coordinator works with different organizations and groups to plan events held at ArtStreet Cafe. They are also responsible for organizing the weekly Thursday Night Live.