Q.  Can I pickup my stuff before UD move in weekend?

A.  Yes, but you have to purchase the early move in option on the website. If you don’t purchase the option, we can not move your stuff in early.


Q. What if I have an item that is not an option on the website?

A. Call us! We are always open to any item that you might need stored, so we will work with you to figure it out.


Q. Do the prices on the website include storage pickup and storage over the summer?

A. Yes, the prices online include the items being stored, pickup from your dorm/apartment, and storage over the summer.


Q. Do you provide the storage units?

A. All of our storage options are provided by Mayberry’s Van & Storage Inc. and individually priced based upon what you would like to store.


Q. Where are my belongings being stored?

A. They are stored at Mayberry Van & Storage Inc. This is the official storage service of the University of Dayton.


Q. What forms of payment are accepted?

A. Only online credit card payments and online checks.


Q. Do you provide pick-up services this year?

A.  We are offering pickup and drop off services to the student neighborhoods for a $20 fee.


Q. What if I need to get my items out early before the official return date?

A. There is an early-out option, but you must notify an FE Storage representative before you store your belongings.


Q. What happens if my belongings get damaged or lost?

A. We handle every issue on a case-by-case basis, but we will do our best to make up for any issues that arise. Also, upon transferring your items to us you sign an insurance contract that is handled between FE Storage and Mayberry Van & Storage Inc.


Q. Can I donate items I no longer need or want?

A. There are various locations around the University of Dayton campus that accept donations. Contact Housing & Residence Life for more information.